4 Creative Uses For WOLVERINE Drinkware

  • Mar 12, 2021

They keep what's hot hot, and what's cold cold.

But aside from the obvious, what exactly is the best way to put our one-of-a-kind vacuum-insulated drinkware brand, Wolverine, to good use? We want our customers to be able to use these products to their full potential, and this article is going to help you accomplish just that - whether you're looking for creative ways to sell these items, or just browsing for ideas. Read on below to discover the top 4 uses for Wolverine drinkware.



#1. Drink like a sir.

The Wolverine 10oz. Tumbler (S924) is a stylish and unique way to set yourself apart at your local bar - and with it's smooth metal finish, it's practically impossible to not feel like a sir as you sip your bourbon, silently judging all of the glass-drinking, less sophisticated members of society. You can stand there all night, because your drink will stay cold for as long as you keep it in the tumbler (which shouldn't be too long, you might come off as creepy).


#2. Hour-long gym routine? No worries.

The Wolverine 32oz. Insulated Water Bottle (S194) is perfect for gym use. We mean, just look at this beast. At a whopping 32oz liquid capacity, you probably won't even be able to finish the whole thing! The vacuum-insulated, stainless steel double wall interior will keep your shakes nice and cold - we mean, who likes drinking warm shakes? With the 32oz. by your side, as you pump that metal, just try and stop everyone from checking out your gainz - the water bottle, we mean.



#3. Paper cups are for the weak.

The Wolverine 20oz. Tumbler (S933) looks like just another Starbucks-style plastic knock off - that is, until you check out what's under the hood. This all-metal bad boy is fully loaded with a double-walled, stainless-steel vacuum-insulated interior that will do what paper cups wish they could: actually keep your coffee warm for longer than 10 minutes. Top it off with a sleek metal straw, and you've got yourself a fine piece of drinkware that will have people thinking 'Wow, look at that metal straw. That guy/girl is so environmentally conscious, they probably recycle, too!'.


#4. Caffeine addiction enabling.

Okay, so this one is obviously a given - these insulated cups are designed to keep temperatures at a sustainable level, so how could you not think to put your morning (or afternoon/evening, if you're into insomnia) coffee in it? The Unicorn 20oz. Tumbler (S932) & The Wolverine 30oz. Tumbler (S923) are amazing for keeping your Joe nice and hot. Unless you're into iced coffee, that is... just kidding, these are great for iced drinks as well! Iced drinks stored in these tumblers will stay cold for hours, regardless of the temperature outside.


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